Globaldreamers – Peace Project (by Marsha Goren)

I developed the Dream a dream project of Ein Ganim School Israel in 2001 and first met the Internet in 2002. The idea started as a vehicle to encourage children and educators to share in a learning environment that would lead to global communication and tolerance.

Dream a dream at Ein Ganim prompts students at Ein Ganim and around the world to join in multicultural projects that capture students’ thinking in a visual way. It inspires children to take a deeper look at the world by exploring, exchanging ideas, and using research tools, which supports a positive learning environment and a shared learning experience.

Because of the war between Israel and the Palestinians, which began in December 2008, we decided to invite schools to join in our peace project. The children felt the need to express their feelings on the subject together with many of our partners around the world. Our peace project aims to encourage cross-cultural communication and promote global understanding, while helping children to expand their knowledge in technology, support the use of new educational technologies. (? Not sure what she’s trying to say) The educational value of teaching about peace was essential and the results of the work we received from our partners is indeed heartwarming. More than 80 schools from around the world have taken part in this project as of today.

It is so important to encourage children to have tolerance and respect for others. Since 2005, I have implemented a peace unit on my project

I began by writing on epals and the Global Schoolnet and partners began to flow in. Last year I began writing to my new colleagues on Facebook and they too joined in. There are many ideas in the units on the site. Children from a vast age range have participated in the project.

Two years ago I became the project manager of the Global Virtual Classroom Clubhouse and we combined together with Globaldreamers for the peace project last year.

Our theme this year is “Make Peace a Choice”, there are materials that can assist each and every educator around the world and we hope you join us in our quest for peace.

This is our yearly unit on Globaldreamers, teachers are invited to contact me at I will be delighted to have you in our project! Have a wonderful year.








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3 Responses

  1. Barbara says:

    Thanks, Marsha! Teaching students to believe in the reality of peaceful co-existence is probably one of the most gifts that teachers can give to students. Thank you for creating these materials and this project!

  2. Dear Marsha
    this is a wonderful idea to educate the present generation of children on peace.We at Gonzaga also have some activities to encourage children to learn the importance of peace within and spread it to others . We have the celebration of Int’l Peace Day on 21st September beginning with “World Religion Prayers For peace”
    Once the activities are over we will upload them on GVC space provided to us.

    Thank you Marsha for taking interest in Gonzaga school!
    Grace Noronha

  1. September 22, 2012

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