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Tools for 21st Century Teachers (by Nour Alkhalidy)

Living in a complex, rapid, digital environment, and having a digital-savvy generation that has grown up in this environment, requires us as educators to be aware of changes and challenges and to bring new tools and technologies into our classrooms.

Implementing web 2.0 tools in the classroom can be the key to preparing our students and preparing ourselves as learners to be ready for these changes. (more…)

On Becoming Socially Networked

The Internet and I have reached a turning point in our relationship.

Don’t get me wrong–we’re not breaking up. I have adored the World Wide Web since we first met in the 1990s, and depend on it daily. I use Skype to talk to my family, download books to my Kindle, watch TV on my Slingbox, store my photos on Flickr, and collaborate with co-authors through e-mail.