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Benefits of online learning (by Zahra)

I’m very happy to be starting a new series with this post: Student Voices. Zahra is a member at English Club and has been kind enough to share what she likes about learning online. I hope to see many more posts that offer a glimpse into learning from our students’ point of view. If you know of other learners who might be willing to share their experiences with us, please let me know. ~Barb (more…)

My Perfect Classroom (by David Deubelbeiss)

boy-on-laptop“The problem with our profession is that there is too much teaching and not enough learning”.

I said this recently during a discussion and I think it is such an important point to understand about “teaching” a language – that we have to get away from delivery systems that are teacher directed and more towards models where students are self-paced, self-motivated and learning independently.  The future IS learning not teaching. (more…)

Teachers or Trainers? (by Marisa Pavan)

I have two nieces and I love taking them to the cinema as I really enjoy watching children’s movies, which are highly inspiring for me as sources of values I can apply in my daily life and in my teaching career. One of the latest I have seen, and particularly enjoyed as it was my first experience in a 3D cinema, is “How to Train Your Dragon”.


I Only Thought I Knew My Students (by Ric Murry)

Part of the series: Lessons Learned from Students


2008, I returned to the 7th grade Social Studies classroom after a seven-year hiatus in Computer Applications and the Media Center.  I wanted back in the classroom where I could work with a smaller number of students and develop a long-term relationship as a teacher and mentor to those who chose to see me this way. (more…)