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The floor is ours! (by Arjana Blazic)

Teach Meet International

TeachMeet is a life-changing experience. Those who have never taken part in one won’t understand what I’m talking about; those who have, are most probably hooked for life. (more…)

Life as a freelance English teacher in Hungary (by Lilla Udvarhelyi)


image: eCastillo on Flickr

I feel a bit strange if I count the number of years I have been working as an English teacher. Seventeen years, that is, a bit less than half my life. During this time I have been able to experience changes in my country, in my profession, but and this is the most important for me, I haven’t got bored with it at all. Life-long passion I would say. Let’s see how it started. (more…)

Come join the Electronic Village Online (by Carla Arena)

Electronic Village Online

I’m here to tell you about how a simple acronym – EVO – changed my life and was a true turning point in my professional development. When I joined the Electronic Village Online for the first time to take the online session Becoming a Webhead (BaW), I had the feeling it was special in the sense of learning something new, understanding more about this online world, and connecting to like-minded educators for a period of time. Never could I imagine that the Electronic Village Online would be way more than my initial expectation. The Electronic Village Online was a new beginning of renovated passion for my profession as an educator, of lifelong learning and the joy of being always connected. It was not about a definite time, it was about constant feeding and improvement in who I was as an educator and person. (more…)

Exploration for Personal and Professional Gain

Part of the series Giving Second Life a Second Chance

Professional development in Second Life is generally one of two types: using Second Life as a place to learn about things, and learning how to use tools in Second Life to do things (like teach). In both cases, it’s the people you meet who matter most–they will teach you, learn with you, and challenge you. Without people, Second Life is just a pretty computer graphic with some spiffy special effects. 


Giving Second Life a Second Chance

In an earlier post, I suggested that all language teachers would benefit from being in Second Life. Gavin Dudeney made a similar (albeit more articulate) argument as a guest writer on Burcu Akyol’s EFL Blog

So, let’s say you’re convinced, and have decided to give Second Life a try (or another try). What’s next?

You’ll probably go through several growth stages in your second life, just like you did in your first. I’ll talk about each in a separate post.