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Blogs about teaching English as a foreign language
Blogs about English language teaching (the profession, in general)
Blogs about using technology in teaching (especially in ELT)
Blogs by ELT authors and publishers
Blogs and websites for students
Resource websites for teachers
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Blogs about teaching English as a foreign language
Aniya Adley’s The English Teacher
*Esra Girgin Akiskali’s Englishous Blog
Teaching and Learning with Deniz Atesok
Claudio Azevedo’s Movie Segments for Warm-ups and Follow-ups
Teresa Bestwick’s Views from the Whiteboard
*Janet Bianchini’s Abruzzo Blog
*Arjana Blazic’s Traveloteacher
Paul Braddock’s bcnpaul1 blog
*Marco Brazil’s Mabuhay Classroom
*Eva Büyüksimkeşyan’s A Journey in TEFL
Chris Catteneo’s TeachingLife
Marisa Constantidides – TEFL Matters
*Cecilia Coelho’s Box of Chocolates
*David Deubelbeiss’s Teacher Talk
*Dave Dodgson’s Reflections of a Teacher and Learner
*Mike Harrison’s Blog
*Emma Herrod
*Anne Hodgson’s The Island Weekly
I’d like to think that I help people to learn English
Ceri Jones’s Close Up
*Nick Jaworski’s Turklish TEFL
*Dan Kirk’s EFL in Japan
*Anita Kwiatkowka’s L_missbossy’s ELT Playground
*Vicky Loras’s Blog
*Tamas Lorincz’s ELT Musings and Other Tidbits
Magpie Moments
Sheetal Makham
*Conchi Martinez de Tejada’s Ken and Karen
*Sandie Murao’s Picturebooks in ELT
Erika Osváth’s For English Teachers – Angoltanároknak
*Melania Paduraru’s Blog
*Chiew Pang’s The Dogme Diaries
Laura Patsko’s Show and Tell
*Marisa Pavan’s Linguistic Consultancy
Greta Sandler’s About a Teacher
Martin Sketchley’s ELT Experiences
Adam Simpson’s One Year in the Life of an English Teacher
*Leahn Stanhope’s Early EFL
Michael Stout’s Blog for teachers and students
$trictly 4 My T.E.A.C.H.E.R.Z
*Michelle Wogan’s So This Is English
Agata Zgarda’s Blog
Language Moments
Josette LeBlanc’s Throwing Back Tokens: Reflective Teaching in Korean Contexts



Blogs about English language teaching (the profession, in general)
Burcu Akyol’s Blog
TEFLtastic with Alex Case
Mark Andrews’ Classrooms on the Danube
Willy Cardoso’s Authentic Teaching
Darren Elliott’s The Lives of Teachers
Diarmuid Fogarty’s Tao Te(a)Ching
Sarah Hannam’s Critical Mass ELT
*Steven Herder’s Japan Action Research in EFL
Isabelle Jones’s My Languages
*Sue Lyon-Jones The PLN Staff Lounge
*Henrick Oprea’s Doing Some Thinking
*Chiew Pang’s A CLIL to Climb
*Chiew Pang’s Exclusive Interviews with Cutting-Edge Educators
Karenne Sylvester’s Kalinago English
*Berni Wall’s Radical Language (maybe move to about profession?)



Blogs about using technology in ELT
Bruno Andrade’s Education & Technology in Brazil
*Ask Auntie Web
Natasa Bozic Grojic’s Blog
Gavin Dudeney’s That’SLife
Ian James’s TeflTecher
Nik Peachey’s Quick Shout Out
Andrew Pickle’s Idle Thoughts of an Idle EFL Teacher’ Blog
*Jennifer Verschoor’s My Integrating Technology Journey
*Shelly Sanchez Terrell’s Teacher Reboot Camp
The Machine Goes On
Syliva Rosenthal Tolisano’s Langwitches
I hope it works!
Nik’s Learning Technology Blog
Nik Peachey’s On Learning and Social Media
*Ozge Karaoglu’s wiki
*Carla Arena’s Collablogatorium
Sean Banville’s Blog
When Tech Met Ed
*Ozge Karaoglu’s Blog
*Graham Stanley’s blog-efl
Nicky Hockly’s e-moderation station




Blogs by ELT Authors and Publishers
OUP English Language Teaching Global Blog
David Crystal’s DC Blog
Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day
Jeremy Harmer’s Blog
Jeffrey Hill’s The English Blog
Andy Hockley’s From Teacher to Manager
Vicky Hollet’s Learning to Speak ‘Merican
John Hughes’s Training ELT Teachers
*Patrick Jackson’s The Potato Diaries
Luke Meddings’s The Unplugged Index
Carol Read’s ABCs of Teaching Children
Jason Renshaw’s English Raven
Eric Roth’s Compelling Conversations
Johanna Stirling’s The Spelling Blog
Scott Thornbury’s An A-Z of ELT
Shaun Wilden’s Blog
Ken Wilson’s Blog
Andrew Wright’s Articles and Stories
Marco Benevides’s Task-Based Language Learning
Azar Grammar


Blogs and Websites for Students
*Christina Markoulaki’s Students’ Page
*English Club
*Greetings from the World
Nik’s Daily English Activities
*Sue Lyon Jones’s Free English Lessons Online
Nik Peachey’s Daily English Activities
My Corner of the World


Teacher Resource Sites
EFL Classroom 2.0
Cybraryman’s Educational Websites: ESL Pages
EFL Playhouse
Jamie Keddie’s LessonStream
*Matt Richelson’s Dream English
David Warr’s Language Garden
Sue Waters’s The Edublogger
British Council Teaching English
ELT News
Oxford University Press Teachers’ Club (free membership)
Macmillan One Stop English
Pilgrims’ Humanising Language Teaching
One Stop Blogs
Prestwick Cafe
Small Planet Studio
Sean Banville’s Free ESL Materials




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