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If you’ve read my About page, you know that one of my day jobs is co-author of a coursebook series called Let’s Go, for children learning English as a foreign language. I’ve worked with my co-authors Ritsuko Nakata, Karen Frazier, and Carolyn Graham for more than 20 years. We’ve shared many “firsts” during our long partnership, quite a few involving technology. We got our first computers in order to write the books, and our first fax machines in order to share drafts of units (because the Internet was still off in the future). When e-mail finally came along, our first messages were sent to each other. Our books have given us amazing opportunities to share what we’ve learned in workshops with teachers around the world, and to learn even more from working with those teachers.

Now, Oxford University Press has put together a campaign that will bring a lot more new tech experiences our way.

Let's Share

Each month will be based on a topic that teachers voted for in a Facebook poll. For each topic we’ll share blog posts, lesson and audio downloads, teaching tip videos and webinars. This month’s theme is “Getting children to talk in English.” Karen wrote a blog post about getting children to talk from the beginning and chose Let’s Go 1 Unit 5 Let’s Learn to be the month’s shared lesson. That means you can download everything to go with this lesson — student pages, teachers book pages, audio tracks, game ideas, and picture cards — so you can try it out with your students. (You will have to register for the OUP Teacher’s Club in order to access the free downloads, but the membership is also free.)

Karen will present her first webinar on Friday, November 30th at 16:00 GMT. (Check what time this is for you) So far, more than 500 teachers have registered to attend the webinar, but there’s still room for more. Even if you can’t attend because of the time difference, it’s good to register so you can get a recording of Karen’s presentation later.

On Sunday, December 2nd, Karen, Ritsuko and I will host a live chat on Facebook at 11:00 GMT. (Check what time this is for you) This is another first for us, and all you have to do to participate is to show up on OUP’s Facebook page when it’s time for the chat.

Facebook chat

There’s a lot going on. The easiest way to keep track of everything is to visit the Let’s Share page on Oxford’s website. This a central hub with links to everything that’s happening. It’s the easiest way to see when a new post has been added, when a new lesson is available to download, when a new teaching tip video has been uploaded, and when a new webinar has been scheduled.

One of our favorite things about this campaign is that it gives us a great opportunity to share stories from teachers around the world. Teachers are using Let’s Go in 162 countries, from Albania to Zimbabwe, in many different teaching contexts, and we love hearing their stories! We’ve also heard from teachers who used Let’s Go when they were students. (And yes, that does make us feel old!) From the Let’s Share page, you can access each teacher’s story, and at the end of each story there’s a link so that you can share your own Let’s Go story. We really hope to hear from teachers throughout our international community!

There’s also a link from the Let’s Share page where any teacher can send us questions about teaching young learners. We’ve just written our first batch of answers¬†to¬†questions about teaching reading and getting students to do homework. Do you have a question you’d like answered? There’s a link from the Let’s Share page where you can submit your question for our next round of answers.

I hope this explanation helps you navigate through all of the goodies available as part of Let’s Share. Karen, Ritsuko, Karen and I are having a blast working on all the different parts, and learning new things as we move forward.

The theme next month will be songs and chants, which means that Carolyn Graham will soon be doing her first webinar, too! See you online!



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