More than five approaches to planning lessons

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3 Responses

  1. Thanks, Barb. I’ve begun to look forward to your synopsis of the blog posts just as much as the blog posts themselves. You have an uncanny way of summarizing the posts just enough to pull me in. The English teacher who taught you the art of summarizing would be proud. Did you have any favorite English teachers when you were in school?

    Thanks for all of your never-ending work.


  2. I’d definitely go the Scott “Mr. Dogme” Thornbury way. I have been teaching for more than 20 years and currently teaching EAP. We have created our own materials based on a needs analysis study. Here’s what I do -quite briefly:
    1. Check out content day before (the class).
    2. Add some new activities not found in this material (to spice up a bit what I do and provide new opportunities for my students to learn)…Generally inspired on books I read, tweets and post from like-minded people…Also from own experiences as an EFL learner (I believe this has great value in the EFL classroom).
    3. Evaluate, check out students’s reactions to these activities. If they sort of successfully work in more than one group, I add it to my repertoire of activities for my EAP courses.

  3. Thanks for sharing Barbara!
    Great food for thought as I’m in the middle of lesson planning!