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New song worksheets from Marsha Goren

In her previous post, Teaching Songs and Chants in the Classroom, Marsha Goren shared a set of worksheets she had created to accompany the songs on the first GiggleBellies CD. This morning, Marsha sent me a message and attached a new set of worksheets to go along with the second GiggleBellies CD.

In Marsha’s words:

I have recently written new worksheets to coincide with the GiggleBellies DVD-2. The set contains 22 worksheets that can be implemented by EFL or ESL teachers in their classrooms all over the world. You can download the worksheets here. Kerry Miller Johnson and Pauline Saab, the creators of the GiggleBellies, have also collected coloring pages, images of the characters, posters and fun worksheets which are offered for free inĀ  their fan club section of the site.

I wrote and designed these worksheets to help children learn English and am delighted to share them with the GiggleBellies and the rest of the world. To get to their Fan Club and enjoy lots of free goodies: click here.

Marsha Goren
Petach Tikva, Israel


  1. Barbara says:

    Thanks for sharing, Marsha :)

  2. natalia paliashvili says:

    jazz chants great idea::))
    we all love songs and children in particular. jazz chants are my favourite. i have had them since 1995 from British Council in Tbilisi as a present for active participation in various projects such as book fares and others.
    This chants can be used in different ways as they are interesting and educative at the same time.
    Thank you Marsha for mentioning and paying attention to that:)

    1. Marsha Goren says:

      Natalia so happy to see you here and thank you for writing, I can honestly say from my experience of over 32 years of teaching that children love learning through songs and music. It is interesting but moreover enjoyment for them. The bell can ring and I can literally hear kids saying they wish they could stay longer, bravo to the GiggleBellies for the fine DVD’s and to Barbra for sharing with the world.