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First, an explanation about a couple of changes that I’ve made in the past week. You may have noticed that the last couple of posts had a copyright statement at the bottom of the post, and if you subscribe to Teaching Village in a reader or by email, you certainly will have noticed that you now receive a snippet rather than a post. Plagiarism has always been a bit of a problem, but it was manageable. However, Sue Lyon-Jones’ post about copyright and plagiarism was reprinted (without permission) more than was manageable. Luckily, Sue is waaaay more knowledgeable about this stuff than I am, and she helped me make changes here that will keep everyone’s posts safer. If you’d like to read more about snippets vs. full posts, Sue has written another wonderful post about that topic over on Marisa Constantidides’ TEFL Matters. Now, if my posts were the only ones being copied, I don’t know that I would have made the change to snippets. I like getting full posts myself, and as a coursebook author I’m used to living with copyright infringement. However, I’m also responsible for being a good steward for the Villagers who share their writing here–78 guest authors representing 33 countries, and counting. I appreciate your understanding about these changes.

Second, thanks for your patience over the last few months as I’ve been traveling and working on a new course. (Actually, my last real update was in July, so more than a few months!) While my home still hosts 3 partially unpacked suitcases from recent trips, I have been trying to get caught up on housekeeping here at the Village. So far, I’ve updated the Villagers page with recent guest authors and new posts from more long-term residents. What’s new on the Villagers page:

Updated links from republishing some of the Village’s earliest guest posts over the holidays.

I’ll Show You Mine if You’ll Show Me Yours and A 1.5 Million Yen Secret by Steven Herder
Teaching Kindergarten in Turkey: Enjoying Every Minute of it by Özge Karaoğlu
Teaching Middle School Students in South Korea by Dayle Major
Lion Tamers and Circus Clowns by Troy Nahumko
EFL Teacher’s Kit for Surviving Kids by Shelly Sanchez Terrell
My Teaching ‘Journey’ in Greece by Christina Markoulaki
When Did I Become a Teacher? by Conchi Martínez de Tejada
Teaching in a Small Village in Poland by Anita Kwiatkowska
Teaching English as a Japanese Academic High School by Tomo Wakui
Raising a Digital Native in Argentina by Jennifer Verschoor
Learning Lessons in Thailand by Rob Newberry
And two of my early posts: What is a PLN, anyway? and Why I Love Teachers

Added new posts from familiar guest authors.

Tell a Story! by Christina Markoulaki
How to Plan an Exciting EFL Museum Trip and Female Pirates Weren’t Sexy by Lesley Ito
Teaching High Level Kids by Randy Poehlman
Lights, Camera, Action! Motivating Young Learners with Video by David Dodgson
Why iTDi, and why now? by Steven Herder

Added profiles for 19 new guest authors.

The iPad in the ESL/EFL Classroom by Kevin Cozma
Using Technology to Simulate ESL in the EFL Classroom by Whitney Hunter
Are we going too global? by Yitzha Sarwono
Teaching English in Europe and the U.K. by Sandy Millin
The Blasted Oak by Torn Halves
How to Use E-Portfolios by Işıl Boy
Choice in the EFL Classroom by Vicky Saumell
The Treasures of Teaching by Joanne Sato
The Swing of the Pendulum by Márcia Lima
Bringing Happiness to the Classroom by Vladimira Michalkova
10 tips for a great first impression with students by Brad Patterson
A Global Classroom is Born by Deb Frazier
Tools for 21st Century Teachers by Nour Alkhalidy
Bring Language to Life in Your Classroom by Karen Frazier
Come Join the Electronic Village Online by Carla Arena
“Excuse me. Could you tell me the way to the post office?”  by Kate Cory-Wright
Teaching Songs and Chants in the Classroom by Marsha Goren
Large Teenage Classes: some strategies to enjoy the lesson! by Valentina Morgana
Copyright, Plagiarism, and Digital Literacy by Sue Lyon-Jones

I hope you’ll check out some of these great articles by English teachers around the world, or visit the Villagers page and see all of the updated author profiles and links (and if you see an error please let me know!). If you’d like to join the ranks of Teaching Village guest authors, I have some tips to get you started. I’m always happy to provide a place for EFL or ESL teachers to share so we can learn from each other’s experience.

Next on my list is to update the blog page. I have a number of blog links to add to that page, too! If you happen to have an English Language Teaching (ELT) related blog that isn’t on my page, or know of one that ought to be there, please let me know (in comments or send me a message) so that I can include it.


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