Female Pirates Weren’t Sexy (by Lesley Ito)

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3 Responses

  1. Barbara Barbara says:

    I really enjoyed this at JALT, Lesley! Thank you so much for agreeing to share it here. It brought a smile to my face today, too 🙂

  2. Torn Halves Torn Halves says:

    Bravo. It sounds as if in a nicely subtle way your lessons raise the issue of what knowledge is (and it is odd that most schools try to impart knowledge without ever encouraging students to think about what it is). The ideas that all knowledge is provisional and fallible, and that every idea has a history, and that as learners we belong to a particular tradition – these are ideas that need to be highlighted somewhere in the curriculum.

    Just one question: How did James Cook keep those lemons fresh?

  3. Ah, you speak of a subject very dear to my heart – combining general knowledge with our English lessons.
    You make your point with delightful examples! Yes, we have to keep updated ourselves!
    What a great post!