Surrounded by Amazing Teachers

One of the greatest advantages of belonging to online networks is that you have daily access to people who are talented, smart, creative, and (most importantly) generous about sharing those abilities. Events like the Edublog Awards are lovely affirmation of my belief that we really are better when we work together.

I currently give most of my online time to three networks: Teaching Village (this blog), International Teacher Development Institute (, and #ELTChat on Twitter. I KNOW that the people I work with are incredible, but it’s even nicer when other people recognize them as well. That’s what nominations do–help us notice the great things that people are doing to help other teachers and improve the teaching profession.

First, a huge thank you on behalf of the guest authors on Teaching Village. I am always thrilled to have Teaching Village nominated for anything, but am especially happy to see the blog nominated in the “Best Group Blog” category!  (“Whoop!” as Villager Vicky Loras would say!) With 70 guest authors from every corner of the EFL world (and growing), I am lucky to be the steward for such a fabulous group of Villagers. (P.S. If you’re on facebook, please “like” our new Teaching Village page. Thanks!)

Now, here’s my hat tip to the guest authors for Teaching Village, the faculty and associates for iTDi, and my co-moderators for ELTChat who have received nominations this year:

Best Individual Blog:

A Journée in Language (Brad Patterson)
An A-Z of ELT (Scott Thornbury)
Teacher Reboot Camp (Shelly Sanchez Terrell)

Group Blog:

Teaching Village

Best Individual Tweeter:


Best New Blog:

A Journée in Language (Brad Patterson)
A Journey into Learning (Tamas Lorincz)
iASKu (Chiew Pang)

Best EdTech/Resource Sharing Blog:
Özge Karaoğlu

Most Influential Post:

“You’ve got to be a teacher to get it” by Henrick Oprea
“B is for Bad language learner” by Scott Thornbury
“Teacher Development 2.0″ by Steven Herder
“Blog Challenge: What’s your story?” by Vicky Loras
“Don’t CC Ceci, send ‘er a TO” by Brad Patterson

Best Teacher Blog:

Box of Chocolates (Cecilia Lemos)
Vicky Loras’s Blog
A Journey in TEFL (Eva Büyüksimkesyan)
EFL 2.0 (David Deubelbeiss)
mikejharrison (Mike Harrison)

 Best Educational use of a wiki:

Greetings from the world (Arjana Blazic)
Özge Karaoğlu 
The Global Classroom Project (Deb Frazier)

Best Use of Audio/Podcast: 

iASKu (Chiew Pang)
Podcasting for the ESL-EFL Classroom (Miguel Mendoza, Evelyn Izquierdo, and José Rodríguez)

Lifetime Achievement:

Scott Thornbury
Marisa Constantidides
Shelly Terrell

When you visit the Edublog Award nominations pages, you’ll discover equally wonderful online residents who aren’t on my list, simply because they’re not active in one of the three specific networks I’m highlighting in this post. You should definitely browse through all the nominated blogs and wikis. You’ll feel like a kid at the education candy store. That’s really the value of these kinds of awards–they give us all a chance to discover new blogs, people, and resources to add to our own networks. We all win, that way!

Speaking of winning, if you would like to support any of the blogs, wikis, or tweeter, be sure to vote. The deadline for voting is December 13th. Everyone loves to know that they’re appreciated :)

And, another p.s. If you’re a guest author here, a member of iTDi, or one of my co-mods on ELTChat and I’ve missed including you here, apologies! Just let me know and I’ll edit to include you. Seems like I’m always missing someone from my lists. It’s not intentional–I’m just surrounded by so many amazing teachers that sometimes it’s hard to keep track of them all!


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21 Responses

  1. Wow…

    Very impressive. The 70 teachers from every corner of the EFL world is a testament to all of your hard work AND the value that readers glean from reading these posts.

    I’m very proud to have had the opportunity to have written for you, Barb.

    I have another one…

    Respectfully and admiringly,


    • Barbara says:

      Thanks, Steven! Always happy to host another guest post from you :)

      Congratulations on your own nomination!

  2. Hi Barb-

    I agree with Steven. Very impressive how the Teaching Village continues to grow ! Thank you very much for your kind words about the blog. It’s been such a great adventure this year and if I weren’t surrounded by so many wonderful educators from all around the world, I don’t know if I would have ever even written one post.

    Best from Paris, Brad

    • Barbara says:

      It’s true, isn’t it? All of us benefit from the wonderful educators around us! Congratulations on your well-deserved nominations, Brad!

  3. Chiew says:

    Ditto, ditto. Well said, Barb. Honoured to have written a post for TV and even more honoured to make it to the finals in two categories! I know I’ll have to spread my votes around a little, but everyone’s a winner!

  4. Thanks Barb, it was one of the greatest experience for me to write for Teaching Village, and then to be included in iTDi, I still can’t believe it!
    As the guys have said, it’s such a great thing to see this Village growing into a polis, in the ancient Greek sense of it being an agora where people get together have a chat, make others think. There are only equals who listen more than speak, and have more questions than answers. I love what you have created here.
    Being nominated this time is a very strange feeling. I love the sentiment behind it, the encouragement and the support. Thanks you for the mention and I am determined to work hard to deserve it.

    • Barbara says:

      I like that image, Tamas–a polis! I always have mixed feelings about these nominations as well. On the one hand, the more recognition this blog gets the easier it is to persuade teachers to share their stories, and the more teachers become aware of Teaching Village. But, there are always wonderful blogs nominated in the same category, and other fabulous blogs that didn’t get nominated, all equally deserving.

      You always share such wonderful ideas, Tamas. Congratulations on a well-deserved nomination, and good luck with the blog!

    • Barbara says:

      Very impressive to see what’s basically a course syllabus get nominated as a standalone blog. That’s quite a compliment to what you and Evelyn and Jose have created! Good luck with your EVO session this year. I feel lucky to have done even the little I did with your podcasting session last year and envy the lucky teachers who will learn with you three this coming year!

  5. Marisa Pavan says:

    Hello Barb,

    Congratulations on the new Fabebook page! You’ve always been one of my mentors as an educator. Through Teaching Village I’ve learnt a lot about the latest trends on teaching English.
    Besides, I’ll never forget the way I felt when I received your presents. They were coming from so far away! It was moving! Or how thrilling it was to have been invited by you to contribute with a post to your blog.
    Even when my daily duties and my projects take most of my time and so my participation lately hasn’t been so active, I’m always there reading the insightful posts you and other members of my PLN write and share. Thanks for your generosity!
    By the way, I’ve already voted in support of my PLN members.
    Kind regards from Argentina!

  6. Anne Hodgson says:

    Thanks, Barb, for being such a wonderful hub in this online network of seekers and sharers! The spirit that drives this community is indeed very generous and joyful. All the best, Anne

    • Barbara says:

      Thank you for being one of the contributors to that spirit, Anne! I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with you online. Hope things are going well with your studies! Miss having you around, but know that it’s all for a good cause :)

  7. Hi,
    It is great to be here. It is wonderful to be a Teaching Villager. Thanks Barb welcoming us here on this wonderful platform.

    • Barbara says:

      Thank YOU for being one of my earliest Villagers, Eva! Your generosity in helping out this newbie blogger still touches me. You have made such an impact on teachers with your own online efforts that I’m doubly thankful that you are one of the Villagers here, too! Of course, I’m always happy to add another guest post under your name if ever you have time!

      Congratulations on your own well-deserved nominations! You are definitely helping teachers become better teachers with your efforts :)

  8. Thanks Barbara for this wonderful post and reflection on past and present global Villagers. I feel very proud to be included as one of them, and would like to thank you so much for all the hard work you do in collating everything and bringing out the best of so many educators worldwide. Wish you and the Villagers the best of luck in the upcoming Eddies :-)

    Warm wishes from Abruzzo