Proactive Discipline–Tend to Your Garden (by Eric Kane)

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9 Responses

  1. Barbara Barbara says:

    I love this analogy, Eric! Often, I hear classroom discipline described in terms that sound more like a battle. A garden is so much healthier way of describing the classroom environment.

    Your key steps in creating a proactive classroom environment are simple and clear. I especially appreciate your reminder to be compassionate, flexible, and willing to adapt.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Thanks for the clever analogy on something everyone needs help with from time to time. I appreciate the ‘caring’ aspect as a lot of teachers enter the profession with the idea that in order to maintain a controlled classroom, you have to be a heartless tyrant. I remember several teachers telling me “don’t smile until Christmas.” Unfortunately I took their advice and learned the hardway that this is not how you get the class you want. Once my students understood that I cared about them, getting them to buy-in to my expectations was easy because they understood that I had their best interests at heart.

  3. I also think it is a great anology!
    Could you please explain more about the stamp book? It sounds like a very intriguing idea!
    great post!

    • Eric Kane Eric Kane says:

      Hello Naomi,

      I’d be happy to. The stamp book has 4 parts:
      1. Cover Page – Class Name on front with goals, student expectations and parental expectations on back.
      2. Attendance Card – A spot for a sticker for each class over the course of a year.
      3. Vocabulary Cards – A card for each theme set that we run through in a year, including vocab, phrases and sentences and phonics).
      4. A “Books” card, where students write the names of the books they have read and how much they liked each one.

      I’ve considered adding an assessment card, but haven’t figured out how to do it right. Does anyone have any good ideas?


  4. That stampbook sounds interesting. Perhaps in the future you’ll have a post describing exactly how it works in detail (does the teacher stamp each book every lesson, how do the students refer back to the vocabulary cards, etc.).
    Thank you for introducing this idea!

    • Eric Kane Eric Kane says:

      Hello Naomi,

      I was planning on posting about energy flow in the classroom but I’ll put the stamp book on the list. It hadn’t really occurred to me that others would be interested in this. Thank you!


  5. Christina Markoulaki Christina Markoulaki says:

    Wonderful post, Eric! Thank you for sharing it!

  6. Kevin Cozma Kevin Cozma says:

    Thanks for the article, and thanks for the Youtube channel, too. We’ve been in contact through Youtube before. I will be ordering your CD soon. Keep up the good work.