Iro Iro

Iro iro is Japanese for “this and that.” I love the sound of the word, and it sounds better than publishing a post called “miscellaneous stuff” :-)

So, here’s my iro iro:

20 years of learning and playing with Let’s Go

If you’ve visited the “about me” page, you know that I’m one of the co-authors of Let’s Go. In order to celebrate our 20th anniversary, and the launch of our 4th edition, I sat down and interviewed my co-authors Karen Frazier Tsai and Ritsuko Nakata for Oxford University Press English Language Teaching Global Blog. We also dug through our photo albums to find some pictures of our much younger selves (and our equally young editors), of teachers we’ve met over the years, and students, and mixed them all together with some of the art and music from all four editions of Let’s Go. If you have used the Let’s Go series, I hope you’ll enjoy our little stroll down memory lane. Even if you haven’t used the books, I hope you’ll enjoy our perspective about changes in ELT publishing over the past two decades.

OUP All-Japan Summer Tour (in all 47 prefectures)

If you’re in Japan, both Ritsuko and I will be traveling to many of the country’s 47 prefectures for OUP’s upcoming All-Japan Summer Tour, along with some other wonderful teachers and presenters. You can get details for the tour, and register for the event in your prefecture, on the OUP Japan website.

Little Tech for Big Results

After my adventure as a Skyped-in international speaker at the KOTESOL National Conference, I was invited to fly over to talk in person at the Busan KOTESOL Summer Conference. Adding to an already fun experience, I had a chance to meet up with two of my Webhead heroes–Jeff Lebow and Paul Preibisch.

Paul Preibisch and Jeff Lebow

Paul, me, and Jeff

Jeff recorded my presentation, and then we sat down to chat. You can watch both recordings (along with recordings and interviews with other KOTESOL presenters) here.

Thank you for your support!

This year’s Top 100 Language Lovers competition (hosted by and Lexiophiles) included over 700 nominations which received more than 10,000 votes. Thanks to your support, Teaching Village ranked 5th in the best Language Learning blogs, and 10th overall. When you have time, please pay a visit to the Villagers page to learn more about the guest authors who are a big reason for our strong ranking (and read some of their contributions!). And, thank you again!


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2 Responses

  1. Chiew says:

    All-Japan tour, eh? Sounds like a whole lotta fun! You’re turning into a mega star, Barb! You’re gonna talk about that in the interview? Looking forward to it!

    • Barbara says:

      It is going to be fun. Any excuse to spend time with teachers is welcome, and this is a lot of excuses to see a lot of teachers!

      I can certainly make a point of talking about it, but I don’t know all that much more than is on the schedule :-)