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April, 2011:

Rocco’s Day: A student-generated story activity for literacy practice

Though experience and through language we learn. Experience needs language to give it form. Language needs experience to give it content.

~Walter Loban

Children learning English as a foreign language tend to develop oral language skills before they become literate. In countries like Japan, where the grammar structure and writing system of English is so different from students’ first language, students can sit in English class for years before having to deal with anything beyond the ABC song. (more…)

Classroom Management: stuff they didn’t mention in teacher training (by Marc Helgesen)

marc helgesenThe way to become a teacher is to be a teacher.


It is a truism in education that the way we become good teachers is through experience. The things we learn in certificate programs and grad school help, of course, but it is the act of teaching that gives us the skills we need. (more…)

Benefits of online learning (by Zahra)

I’m very happy to be starting a new series with this post: Student Voices. Zahra is a member at English Club and has been kind enough to share what she likes about learning online. I hope to see many more posts that offer a glimpse into learning from our students’ point of view. If you know of other learners who might be willing to share their experiences with us, please let me know. ~Barb (more…)