A Bit of Blog Interior Design

Painting the dollhouse
If you’re a regular visitor to this blog, you may have noticed that the guest author list and the blogroll have disappeared from my sidebar.  They were OK when I only had a few Villagers and only followed a few blogs. But as I added more guest authors and discovered more blogs I began tot feel that neither list was doing anyone much good.

Both lists now have their own individual  pages so that I can include more information for the guest authors, and more blogs.

The new space in the sidebar means I have room for a tag cloud and a list of categories. Hopefully these will make it easier for visitors to find posts in subjects of interest. I’ve also added a “popular posts” feature, which seems to be doing a decent job of bringing oldies but goodies out of the archive.

The whole point behind these changes is to do a better job of highlighting the content shared by my guest authors, and to do a better job of introducing great blogs related to teaching English as a foreign language and to English language teaching, as a profession. Please let me know if you think these changes accomplish this goal, and if not, suggestions about how I could do a better job–I’m always learning more about how the interior bits of a blog work :-)

The new pages can be reached from the top navigation tabs, or if you’re reading this as an RSS feed, you can click here: Villagers or Blogs.

If you have a blog that falls under one of the categories listed, please let me know so I can add you. If I’ve listed you in one category, and you think your blog better suits a different category, let me know and I’ll move you.

Thanks for your feedback as I continue to learn!





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7 Responses

  1. Leahn says:

    Hi Barb,

    I like the new touches!


  2. I did that awhile back with my blog, putting the roll on a separate page and still want to make more changes like guest authors on separate page! Great idea! I think new design helps people navigate to their interests :-)

    • Barbara says:

      Yes, I love the way you did your blogroll with the Reader bundles! I’m glad you like the guest author page. Thanks for the feedback :-)

  3. David says:


    That’s how things get done – by people like yourself contributing and doing all the small stuff and leg work. Thank you!

    I’m in the midst of setting up a collaborative blog (for EnglishCentral) and I have learned from what you’ve been doing. It’s an invaluable thing – this type of crowdsharing. Kudos and we’ve all benefited and grown through your own work behind the scenes.


    • Barbara says:

      Thanks, David! I’ve learned tons from all of you, too.

      Now that I’m going back in and fixing things, I think about how it would have been much more efficient to have learned to do it all properly from the start. But then, I remember, I don’t seem to learn things that way :-)

      Looking forward to seeing your new blog!

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