Yes, you can! (write for Teaching Village)

We’re better when we work together.

This isn’t just the tag line for Teaching Village, it’s what I believe. I’m a big fan of teaching degrees and licenses–I have a handful of my own, and value what I gained in the pursuit of them. However, I also believe that great wisdom comes from teacher experience in the classroom, and that we are all better ELT practitioners when we learn from each other.

You have a story to tell.

Are you a new teacher? An experienced teacher? Do you teach in a public school? A private language school? In your home? Did you fall into teaching or did you plan to become a teacher? Do you teach in your native country or have you traveled around the world? Is English your first language, or is it one of your languages? All of these experiences are unique and wonderful, and they’re all called Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language. Each time a teacher shares his or her story, it enriches our understanding of our profession.

Guest Authors on Teaching Village are just like you

Some are experienced bloggers who are kind enough to share their talent with us. For some, their guest post on this blog is their first time to share anything online. Some are confident in writing in English; others are nervous about making mistakes in public (which is why I always offer to edit posts, if requested!). Even the most apprehensive guest authors will confirm that Teaching Village readers are an extremely kind and encouraging group of people!

If you glance through the bios on the Villagers page, you’ll find teachers whose background and experience is similar to your own.

Please. Pretty please. Pretty please with sugar on top…

Share your teaching story, share an activity, share a lesson you’ve learned from your students, share your adventures with technology (or adventures working without or around technology, share what you’ve learned by connecting with teachers online, share your passion about teaching. Need ideas? Browse through existing guest post categories, but don’t feel limited by what has been done before. You can contact me by email or on twitter with ideas or questions.

We’re all looking forward to learning from you!

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

~Ryunosuke Satoro~

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