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March, 2011:

Aftershocks 4

View Tohoku Earthquake Map in a larger map (more…)

Aftershocks 3

Teachable Moments

We love JapanI had a wonderful moment in class this week.  I printed out the comments on the We love Japan message board and took them to one of my adult classes. I thought they would provide some lovely, simple reading material on a topic that my students are very familiar with—the earthquake and tsunami. My hidden agenda was to review (again!) how posting comments works online. (On the one hand, my students are sure that any comment they post anywhere online will result in their identity being stolen. On the other hand, they just don’t get the point of anti-spam words.) (more…)

Lessons Learned (by Naomi Moir)

Like many native English speaking teachers of English, when I started out I’d had no real training in teaching young learners. I’d had training in teaching adults (CELTA) and happened to quite like children – but it didn’t make me qualified or prepared for the YL classroom! Looking back nearly 15 years later, I can identify a few key lessons I’ve learned along the way – through trial and error – sometimes quite long periods of error! I’ve decided to focus on 3 of them – the 3 I think have helped me the most or the 3 I wish I’d known before starting out! (more…)

Aftershocks 2

This has been a very social disaster. I first heard about the quake on Twitter, and when friends started checking in, they did so on Facebook. Even when the phones and electricity stopped working, social networks carried on, largely because they could be accessed via mobile phones. It’s where people shared their stories–staying overnight with 200 students in Fukushima because they couldn’t get home, walking for 2-7 hours to get home from evacuated offices in Tokyo (no trains), trying to track down milk and bread in grocery stores, breaking into tears after finally getting out of the disaster area and getting a bath (there’s no water, either, for much of the region). (more…)


Like many people in Japan (at least those who still have electricity) I’ve been watching the news since yesterday, breathing a sigh of relief as each friend checks in or is found, and still worried about the many who have still not yet been heard from. (more…)

A Bit of Blog Interior Design

Painting the dollhouse
If you’re a regular visitor to this blog, you may have noticed that the guest author list and the blogroll have disappeared from my sidebar.  They were OK when I only had a few Villagers and only followed a few blogs. But as I added more guest authors and discovered more blogs I began tot feel that neither list was doing anyone much good. (more…)

About mountains, challenges and teaching (by Cecilia Lemos)


When you’re walking down a path and you see a hill, what do you think?


Photo by Mike Warren (source: Flickr)


Yes, you can! (write for Teaching Village)

We’re better when we work together.

This isn’t just the tag line for Teaching Village, it’s what I believe. I’m a big fan of teaching degrees and licenses–I have a handful of my own, and value what I gained in the pursuit of them. However, I also believe that great wisdom comes from teacher experience in the classroom, and that we are all better ELT practitioners when we learn from each other. (more…)

Six Word Stories

Recently, I participated in a fabulous digital storytelling workshop through TESOL Electronic Village Online. One of the activities that caught my eye during the workshop was Six Word Stories. The process is simple: Students choose a picture and tell a story in six words. (more…)