Mind Mapping for Writers Part 1 (by Hobie Swan)

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  1. Barbara Barbara says:

    First, my apologies to Hobie–he sent me this series of articles last fall, but I’m just now getting caught up with my backlog!

    Hobie, you are inspiring me to give mind mapping a try in my own writing, and with my students. After your last blog post, I tried it with my adult students as they prepared projects about books they’d read. It worked great, but our mind maps were made with paper and pencils (no internet in class, and just one computer–mine).

    Now I’m beginning to see how I might use this with my older students. They’re not big fans of writing in English, and using mind mapping software might make the task more fun for them.

    Thanks, as always!

  2. Hennenberg says:

    Thank you for posting this. i’ve been looking such solution for ages
    I’m using concept draw at the moment and I am very impressed with it as it helped me when I’ve started my new position at the uni. I was using it a lot since they released collaboration with MS Word and Evernote which I use hardly.
    In that when I write an article I need to be able to easily migrate from mindmap to Word and backwards to analyse all the parts of the story so Conceptdraw allows me to do that.
    I also save bunch of info in evernote as i think this is the best note taking free app so now i can copy all the stuff to mindmaps and send my topics to evernote. I’m now on my phd and these programs help me to keep structured all the information i should collect for my research.
    I hope this is the right topic for asking what you think about conceptdraw and how you do things like this.

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