Thank you for an amazing year!

Thank you, my beautiful Guest Authors!

It’s the last day of 2010, and a good time to reflect on the year that’s nearly done. This is the 110th post since I began this blog in June of 2009. I know that’s not a lot compared to really prolific bloggers, but it’s enough to thrill me. I began this blog as a way to learn more about connecting with teachers online, but wasn’t really sure how well the experiment would work, or what direction it would take. I had a vague idea about creating a community where EFL teachers around the world could share stories about their unique teaching environments and share wisdom garnered from their teaching experiences.

While I’m still somewhat surprised by the way this idea has been embraced by my many guest authors, I feel blessed and humbled by their support. So far, 44 teachers representing 23 countries (including the virtual world of Second Life) have shared 58 posts with the Village community. Their efforts have earned Teaching Village two awards of which I’m ridiculously proud: TEFL Site of the Month for April ( and #3 in the top ten Language Teaching Blogs (Lexiophiles). Since approximately half of this blog’s content is from guest authors, I feel more a sense of stewardship than ownership.

On this final day of 2010, I’ve compiled a list of Teaching Village posts organized by category. I invite you to browse them, enjoy discovering some posts you might have missed, and re-visit posts you may have forgotten. I’ve certainly enjoyed the process of putting them together! If you have enjoyed reading Teaching Village in 2010,  please consider joining us as a guest author in 2011. There’s always room in this community for more Villagers!


Stories from the Front Lines of EFL

Teaching Kindergarteners in Turkey and Enjoying Every Minute of It (by Özge Karaoğlu)

Teaching Middle School Students in South Korea (by Dayle Major)

I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours (by Steven Herder)

Lion Tamers and Circus Clowns (by Troy Nahumko)

My Teaching Journey in Greece (by Christina Markoulaki)

Learning Lessons in Thailand (by Rob Newberry)

Teaching English at a Japanese Academic High School (by Tomo Wakui)

When Did I Become a Teacher? (by Conchi Martinez de Tejada)

Teaching in a Small village in Poland (by Anita Kwiatkowska)

Teaching High School in Croatia (by Arjana Blazic)

Teaching English in Brazil (by Henrick Oprea)

One Week in My Second Life (by Baldric Commons)

Stuff All EFL Teachers Should Know

Play with a Purpose: Projects in Children’s EFL

A 1.5 Million Yen Secret (by Steven Herder)

Why I Love Teachers

EFL Teacher’s Kit for Surviving Kids (by Shelly Sanchez Terrell)

It’s the Small Things that Count (by David Deubelbeiss)

Crossing the Physical and Linguistic Divide (by Catherine Cabiness)

Teaching Language or Teaching Through Language (by Tatiana Sobral)

Things I’m Happy to Know (by Tamas Lorincz)

Text Your Knowledge (by Nick Jaworski)

Being an EFL Teacher (by Eva Büyüksimkeşyan)

Mind Mapping: Learning and Teaching with Both Sides of the Brain (by Hobie Swan)

Multicultural Activities in Class (by Vicky Loras)

I Know that I Know Nothing (by Anita Kwiatkowska)

Do It Your Way (by Janet Bianchini)

Invitation to Participate in Academic Publication (by Theron Muller)

Flap Books: A Simple Secret for Student Support (by Lesley Ito)

Whatever Gets Them Through the Door (by Daniel Kirk)

Individual Differences Count (by Mike Harrison)

The Foolproof Lesson

Teaching Young Learners with Songs (by Matt Richelson)

Children are Always Cute (by Esra Girgin Akiskali)

Music and Movement for Young English Learners (by Kathleen Kampa and Charles Vilina)

Love and Respect (by Melania Paduraru)

How to Create a Jazz Chant by Carolyn Graham

More than Five Things to Do with LEGO® in the EFL Classroom Part 1 (by Emma Herrod)

More than Five Things to Do with LEGO® in the EFL Classroom Part 2 (by Emma Herrod)

Formative Assessment (by Matthew Spira)

A Socializing Game: Driver’s Seat (by Anne Hodgson)

Animal Magic with Young Learners (by Leahn Stanhope)

Tips for Teaching Teens (by Michelle Worgan)

An “Old” Dog and “Special” Tricks Part 1 (by David Deubelbeis)

“Special” Tricks Part 2 – Repetition (by David Deubelbeiss)

To Champion the Picturebook (by Sandie Mourao)

Meeting Challenges in the EFL Classroom Part 1: Read Aloud Activities (by Christina Markoulaki)

Intersection on an E-Ferry (a poem by Hamdi Erestreams)

Goldilocks and the Three Answers (my guest post on OUP ELT Global Blog)

Technology for Learning and Teaching

On Becoming Social Networked

Life on the Learning Curve

Raising a Digital Native in Argentina (by Jennifer Verschoor)

The Difference a Year Makes

How to Integrate Blogging in EFL Teaching (by Christina Markoulaki)

How to Create Video Activities on a Teachers Blog (by Christina Markoulaki)

Moving Your Kindergarten into Web 2.0 with 5 Different Tools (by Özge Karaoğlu)

New Friends (by Hadley Ferguson)

The Wonder of Contact (by Hadley Ferguson)

Digital Digits: Creative Ideas for Finger Plays (by Shelly Sanchez Terrell)

Meeting Challenges in the EFL Classroom Part 2: Using Technology (by Christina Markoulaki)


High Tech Ideas for Low Tech Classrooms: Voicethread

Getting the Most Out of Power Point (by David Dodgson)

Lessons Learned from Students

The English Auntie

I Only Thought I Knew My Students (by Ric Murray)

Sometimes Less is More (by Anita Kwiatkowska)

Teachers or Trainers? (by Marisa Pavan)

Never Underestimate What Your Students Can Teach You (by Berni Wall)

Long Ago Lessons in a Japanese High School

EFL Makeovers

Party Animals

Love, Kindergarten Style

Siklot: Reinvention of a Traditional Game for EFL Classrooms (by Marco Brazil)

The Star Festival: Teaching Tanabata in English

Palayok: Reinvention of a Traditional Game for EFL Classrooms (by Marco Brazil)

The Auction (by Marco Brazil)

Witches, Ninjas, Fairies, Princesses and Super Heroes

Teaching and Learning in Second Life

Why Every Teacher Needs a (Second) Life

Giving Second Life a Second Chance

International Conferences You Can Attend in Your Jammies

Exploration for Personal and Professional Gain

Personal Learning Network (PLN)

What I’ve Learned from My PLN (August 22, 2009)

What I’ve Learned From My PLN (September 1, 2009)

What is a PLN, anyway?

What I’ve Learned from My PLN (September 17, 2009)

What I’ve Learned from My PLN (November 14, 2009)

Tweet Travels

The PLN Quizzes: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, and #6

Very Cool! Meeting Online Friends Face-to-Face

Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto

About Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto

Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto has taught English and ESL in the US, and EFL in Japan. An EFL teacher and teacher trainer since 1985, she has conducted workshops throughout Asia, the USA and Latin America. Barbara’s motto is ‘Always try new things’, so these days, when she’s not teaching, writing, or giving workshops, she’s exploring the potential of new technologies for collaboration and professional development. You can often find Barbara online working with teachers around the world as Program Director for International Teacher Development Institute ( or on her new blog for English teaches who work with young learners, Teaching Children English.

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13 Responses

  1. Leahn Leahn says:

    Hi Barb,

    I love your heart picture with all the photos very cool! Happy New Year to you and your family from the Canary Islands. I hope Teaching Village continues to be a place where we can share ideas, thoughts and activities from eachother.

    Congratulations on your awards you deserve them!

    I for one will try and come up with an article for 2011. If you’ll have me!

    Best Wishes,


    • Barbara Barbara says:

      Thanks, Leahn! The heart picture is from

      Happy New Year to you and yours, too!

      I would love to have you back in 2011–you’ve just given me my first thing to look forward to in the new year :-)

  2. What a fantastic post, Barbara! It was a huge pleasure for me to be one of your guest writers and it would be lovely to repeat the experience in 2011.

    I love the heart-shaped collage – a new tool for me to investigate in the new year :)

    Have a wonderful New Year! I look forward to connecting with you again, either online or preferably in person!

    Greetings from Abruzzo

    • Barbara Barbara says:

      I’m glad you like the collage, and I hope you will consider writing another guest post!

      Hope our paths cross in the physical world one of these days, but thrilled to know that they’ll definitely cross in the online world :-)

      Hope you have a wonderful New Year, too!

  3. arjana says:

    Dear Barbara,
    Thank you so much for creating this amazing village of teachers from all parts of the wolrd. I loved reading each of the posts published on your blog and I’m sure that Year 2011 will bring many more.
    Have a wonderful New Year!
    PS. the collage is awesome:-)

  4. Hoon says:

    Congratulations on your winning awards!
    Thank you all for sharing your ideas.

    PS. The second link(Teaching Middle School Students in South Korea (by Dayle Major) leads me to another article. Please give a look at it.

    • Barbara Barbara says:

      Thank you for the kind words, and for pointing out the problem with the link to Dayle’s post. I’ve fixed it now so it should take you to the correct post :-)

  5. We thank YOU Barbara for generously offering space in your blog as well as in your heart to people who are far away but, still, feel so close to you! :-)

  6. Anne Hodgson says:

    Dear Barbara,

    Thanks so much for this wonderful blog. It’s been a pleasure meeting teachers from so many different walks of life who have come in through your welcoming door. Thanks for having me, too. A big warm thank you for the fun quizzes and the many good ideas you’ve provided yourself. I’ve really enjoyed this past year and am looking forward to the coming one.

    Kudos on the recognition you’ve been awarded, and all the best for a beautiful 2011!

    • Barbara Barbara says:

      Thanks, Anne! Having a chance to work with you is one of the best things to come from my being online :-)

      I was just thinking that I ought to continue the quizzes, so thanks for the encouragement.

      Thank you for being part of this international group!

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