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October, 2010:

Witches, Ninjas, Fairies, Princesses, and Super Heroes

Part of the series: Stuff All EFL Teachers Should Know

It’s Halloween, and time for another class party!

These were my students’ costumes for our Halloween party this year. Considering that dressing up wasn’t mentioned, I was impressed that they made such an effort to come in character! (more…)

To champion the picturebook (by Sandie Mourão)


In May this year I launched my blog, Picturebooks in ELT. The motivation came from the work I’m doing with picturebooks for my PhD.  When I began my research programme, I had no idea it would lead me down this route… (more…)

My first guest post!

I’ve written my first guest post :-)

It’s called Goldilocks and the three answers and it’s over on the OUP English Language Teaching Global Blog. The post is about the challenge of finding a balance between natural and productive language when teaching young learners.

If you have a chance, please drop by and let me know what you think…


It all starts with a well

This year’s Blog Action Day theme is “water.” If you are reading my blog in Japan, you’ll notice that the date has actually passed, but thanks to the beauty of time zones, it’s still October 15th somewhere.

I couldn’t pass up a chance to talk about water, and the difference it can make for education. (more…)

Very Cool Events: Free Online Conferences for Language Teachers

In the time I’ve been exploring online opportunities for teachers, I’ve come across a number of incredibly cool people who organize workshops and conferences, create tools, nurture groups, and try to make the world (both virtual and real) a better place for us all. Just in case you haven’t already met these people or heard about their efforts, this post begins a new series introducing them. I’m calling it ‘Very Cool’ because, well, that’s what they are and that’s how I actually talk :-). When I wrote the first draft of this post, I focused on the people who make everything happen. However, I realized that they usually choose to stay in the background and would much prefer to shine a spotlight on their heart-projects, and so I changed the focus. (more…)