What You Can Learn from My PLN Quiz #4 (July 4th)

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This past week, some readers let know know that one of the links was broken in my post for PLN Quiz #4, and others let me know that they couldn’t access the quiz website. I appreciated the time they took to 1) try and take the quiz, and 2) tell me that there was a problem.

Since people wanted to read the posts, and couldn’t, and wanted to take the quiz, and couldn’t, I’ve decided to extend the deadline for My PLN Quiz #4 for five more days instead of posting the next quiz.

The intent of these quizzes has been to introduce great blog posts from members of my personal learning network, not competition or evaluation (you can re-take quizzes until you get a perfect score). These posts are all worth reading, so I think it makes sense to give everyone more time to do so. Chocolate is simply a nice reward for taking the time to explore these articles.

Speaking of chocolate, to try to entice folks to try again (after dealing with broken links and troublesome websites), I’m going to send “prizes” to everyone who takes the quiz and gets a perfect score. If you are one of the first five to do so, you’ll get the reward chocolates I mentioned when I first posted Quiz #4. After that, you’ll get a mixed and matched assortment from the goodies left over from earlier quizzes, or what I pick up at the store. If you’ve already taken the quiz and gotten a perfect score, it still counts. You don’t have to take the quiz again. But, if you tried and couldn’t take the quiz, or didn’t have time, you have another chance.

Tips: Read the posts before you take the quiz. The main point here is to direct you to some excellent reading. You’ll also do better on the quiz. If you don’t like your initial score, you can take the quiz again. The main point is learning, not grading.

Good luck and have fun!

The deadline to be eligible for the drawing is 11 pm on Friday, July 9th, in Japan. That’s 2 pm GMT time. For other times, check here.

This 5-5-5 quiz is based on the following five posts:

Paired and Group Writing Activity by Sean Banville

Teaching English in Brazil by Henrick Oprea

Being an EFL Teacher by Eva Büyüksimkeşyan

The Art of Teaching by Aniya Adly (aka The English Teacher)

EFL Teacher Progress Check: adult language learners by Karenne Sylvester

Click here to take the quiz — > What you can learn from my PLN #4

Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto

About Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto

Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto has taught English and ESL in the US, and EFL in Japan. An EFL teacher and teacher trainer since 1985, she has conducted workshops throughout Asia, the USA and Latin America. Barbara’s motto is ‘Always try new things’, so these days, when she’s not teaching, writing, or giving workshops, she’s exploring the potential of new technologies for collaboration and professional development. You can often find Barbara online working with teachers around the world as Program Director for International Teacher Development Institute (iTDi.pro) or on her new blog for English teaches who work with young learners, Teaching Children English.

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