What you can learn from my PLN (June 13)

Part of the series: My Personal Learning Network

This post is inspired by several things: The “It’s worth taking a look at this blog” initiative that had folks recommending blogs they liked, Darren Elliot’s call for us to find and recommend hidden gems from blog archives, and my own (long neglected) posts about “What I’ve learned from my PLN.” (PLN stands for Personal Learning Network. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, read “What is a PLN, anyway?”)

Here’s my little twist on the idea–a quiz!

The 5-5-5 Quiz

Why five? Partly it’s because five is a lucky number here in Japan, and partly because in Japanese the number sounds like “go” and I like the image of moving forward, but mostly because it’s easy for me to remember.

Five questions. Five days. Five winners.

Each quiz will have five questions based on five posts from five people in my personal learning network. Some posts will be from their guest post in my archives, others from outside blogs, but all are educators I have learned from.

If you take the quiz within five days of its publication, and if you answer all five questions correctly, then you’ll be eligible for a prize drawing (there’s no deadline for taking the quiz, just for being eligible for a prize). For this first quiz, that means that the deadline is 11 pm on Friday, June 18th, in Japan. That’s 2 pm GMT time. For other times, check here. Note: Be sure to read the posts before taking the quiz–you’ll get a better score!

Each quiz will have five winners, drawn at random from the pool of all takers with 100% correct answers. The prizes aren’t particularly valuable, but including them gives me a chance to indulge my love of 100 yen stores, and to share fun bits of Japanese culture. This week’s prize, for example, is chocolate. Japanese candy makers seem quite fond of limited release flavors. The Kit Kats are dark chocolate almond flavor, and the Pucca have a hard chocolate cookie shell filled with vanilla white chocolate. Not nearly significant enough reward to cause someone to read five blog posts if not already inclined, but a nice treat for a few who did :-)

(If you happen to be a winner in Japan, I’ll happily substitute an equally “valuable” fun bit of American culture!)

This is just something for fun, and I have no idea how well it will work nor how long I’ll continue with it. But I have enough archived posts and prizes for at least four quizzes, to start!

Even if you don’t have any interest in the drawing, and don’t want to take the quiz (which asks for your email address so I can contact you if you do win), I hope you’ll take the time to visit these excellent blog posts.

The quiz this week is based on these five posts:

The Power of Play for Education and Language Development by Marisa Constantinides

It’s the Small Things that Count by David Deubelbeiss

I is for Imagination by Carol Read

Teaching Kindergarteners in Turkey: Enjoying Every Minute of It by Özge Karaoğlu

Learning Language or Learning Through Language by Tatiana Sobral

The embedded quiz isn’t working well at the moment, so you’ll need to follow the link to the online quiz:

Click here to take the quiz –> What you can learn from my PLN (June 13)


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13 Responses

  1. So, where is the quiz, Barbara?


  2. Marisa Pavan says:

    Great idea, Barb! Really creative and inspiring!

  3. Leahn says:

    Love it! I’ve posted my certificate proudly on my blog. Well, I posted after I’d taken the test twice….

    Great idea and thanks

  4. I love it! Here’s hoping I can make some time to ‘study’ and take the quiz after work!

  5. Hi Barbara

    I love your fabulous quiz idea and think it’s a great way to reread posts from your PLN. I’ve taken the quiz and enjoyed it very much! Thanks for popping by – I appreciate it:) I’m looking forward to the next quiz already..

  6. Anne Hodgson says:

    What a lovely collection of really good posts. Back to the essentials of teaching. Marisa’s lucid classification scheme for game play, David’s mini-zen of teaching, Carol’s ideas and three caveats about making imagination work for learners in language teaching, Özge’s expression of devotion and attention to detail, Tatiana’s clear and transferable approach to CLIL.

    Summarizing what others say (as I had to do to be ready for your quiz) is enormously challenging for five such dense posts, but a very effective way to deal with the floodgates of information and thought that have opened through this unbelievable PLN of teachers. Thanks, Barbara! Your blog is the greatest.

    • Barbara says:

      Wow, Anne! I should have just had you summarize–you’ve distilled the essence of each beautifully.

      I appreciate your kind words and support. This is definitely an experiment, but so far it seems to be going well :-)

      Already working on the quiz for next week!

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