How to Create a Jazz Chant by Carolyn Graham

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  1. Anna Pires says:

    Gosh! Are you a mind reader? Just the other day I dug out a copy of ‘Jazz Chants’ thinking of getting my students to play around with them. I remember the very first one I used, which was about 12 years ago on the CELTA course – ‘Do you know Mary?’. Thanks for this blog post, Barbara! Will come in very handy.


    • Barbara Barbara says:

      Yes, Anna, I had this dream that told me you would appreciate this post 🙂

      So many of us have favorite Carolyn chants and songs! One of the (many) things that impresses me about Carolyn is that if you do a search on YouTube, you find pages of classes around the world performing her work.

      I think the publication of Jazz Chants was one of those turning point moments in EFL. You can clearly see a division–EFL before Jazz Chants and EFL after. Not many professionals can claim that sort of influence, can they?

      Glad you found it useful. I’d love to hear what your students come up with if they create their own chants.

  2. Kevin Cozma Kevin Cozma says:

    I loved the How to Make a Jazz Chant video. It really is easy to do. After I couldn’t get ‘baseball, basketball, golf’ out of my head, I knew it was time to try some jazz chants in my classes. Well, I did this week, and they were a success. I am not a good singer, and have no musical talent, but the formula provide in the video was so simple that even I could do it.



  3. anna nicole noval lachica says:

    our teacher say to us we had to creat a jazz chants but we have no idea about it.. so ive search this on computer and ive seen that jazz chants was a musical or you had to creat a words and i have to learn more about this jazz chants to creat our group a good presentation

  4. kashinne ALY says:

    I’m interested in Jass Chants to improve my teaching skills.

  5. matt says:

    hi Barbara, i’m lucky enough to join Carolyn in one of her sessions at ICELT Malaysia last sept. it was awesome! enjoy it very much. i’m now doing my master project on jazz chants in high school and im open to any info that anybody out there might want to share…

  6. Kevin Cozma Kevin Cozma says:

    Thanks again for this wonderful video and post. I made this chant video based on what I learned.

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