It’s Worth Taking a Look at This Blog

I love initiatives like this one, that give us a chance to introduce great people to other great people. “Vale a pena ficar do olho nesse blog” means “It’s worth keeping an eye on this blog”.

I’m honored to be have been tagged by five teachers I admire whose blogs I really enjoy: Janet Biachini in Italy, Sheetal Makhan in Korea , Marta Mrozik in Poland, Sue Lyon-Jones in the UK, and Anita Kwiatkowska in Turkey. Their lists contain some fabulous blogs, and are definitely worth taking a look at!

Being a bit late to this party, I have two challenges. One is to find blogs that haven’t already been included in the lists that tagged me (half of my initial list would have been used up on the five women in my opening paragraph!). The other is to limit my list to just ten blogs.

Here is my contribution–ten wonderful blogs that I haven’t seen mentioned on other lists. They are definitely worth looking at!

Hopefully, the bloggers I’ve tagged will continue the fun. Simply copy the picture, paste it in your own post and include a link back here . Then, add your recommendations for ten more blogs (with links to those blogs). I’ve been amazed at how many “new” blogs I’ve discovered via these recommendations, and I hope the project continues to grow!

Here are my 10 contributions to this initiative, with a brief explanation about why I think these blogs are worth visiting.

Esra Girgin Akiskali teaches young learners in Turkey. Her posts are both insightful and practical. I’m particularly enjoying her current series, An A-Z Experience List of a Teacher: Teaching Very Young Learners.

Conchi Martinez de Tejada is based in Spain. She writes Ken and Karen. In addition to interesting posts about teaching young learners, Conchi also has a  growing collection of materials to use with you own children’s classes, wherever you teach.

Christina Markoulaki writes a blog for her students in Greece, but it’s great for teachers to follow, too. Christina’s recent post about Earth Day in her school is a great example of how to integrate meaningful content into children’s EFL classes.

Melania Paduraru inspires me in many ways. I’ve learned a lot from following her blog–about teaching, about the teaching experience in Romania, and about teachers in Romania. Melania is unflinchingly honest, whether it’s about the education system in her country or her own struggle with burnout.

The Teacher Talk blog on Azar Grammar has a great group of teachers blogging about grammar (of course) but much, much more. Ela Newman’s recent post about the role of L1 in an L2 class speaks as strongly to teachers in EFL classrooms as it does to those in an ESL setting.

I don’t know who Sputnik really is, or where he’s based (and for that matter, if he’s a he!) but his blog, The Tesla Coil, always stretches my brain. I first visited Tesla Coil after Sputnik left comments on mine, and I’m glad I did.

In her blog Learning to Speak ‘Merican, Vicki Hollett shares keen observations about language and culture. I had a chance to meet Vicky last year and visiting her blog is like enjoying coffee (or perhaps tea, in her case) and conversation with a friend.

Lexiophiles has “Love your words” as its tagline, and I do! They have great articles about learning language, but my favorite posts are their interviews with language learners. Lexiophiles also has a great collection of links to other language blogs. I’m thrilled that this year Teaching Village was nominated for their top 100 language blog competition (Thanks, Marisa!).

The ELT Global blog by Oxford University Press is a relatively new Publisher’s blog. At least, it’s new to me–I just discovered it while following the IATEFL conference. I like their 3-question interviews. I’m a sucker for interviews, anyway, and  I love that these are all based on answers to the same three questions: What’s your favourite ELT book? What or who has had the biggest impact on ELT in the last 25 years? What do you wish you’d known when you started out in ELT?

Tara Benwell writes, and writes, and writes, and her Write at Home blog shares the process of trying to balance a writing career with having a life. I started writing professionally when my daughter was a newborn, and Tara’s posts bring back many memories! You might have bumped into Tara in cyberspace without knowing it (Like I said, she writes a lot). She does the Site of the Month awards for and is a major part of English Club (her monthly writing challenges are great!).

Ten came too soon! I look forward to discovering more blogs through the next round of recommendations!

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13 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for the reference to my blog. You are always so willing to provide your support and kind words! Now I guess I have to continue the ‘tradition’ of blogs worth taking a look at… Let’s see… Thanks again, Barbara, everything you have done so far is much appreciated!

    • Barbara says:

      Your blog is definitely worth taking a look at, Christine. And you are such a great cheerleader for other bloggers that I’m sure you won’t have any trouble finding 10 more blogs to recommend :-)

  2. Tara Benwell says:

    So sweet Barbara! Can’t believe you stumbled across my old writing blog. This year has been so crazy for me that I gave up on writing my own personal blog for a while, though I knew one day I would surely come back to it. I’m having so much fun with the learners and teachers on MyEC that I think of My Page there as my new blog hub. But, alas, I must take on this challenge! I look forward to checking out all of the other bloggers on your list. Thanks again!

    • Barbara says:

      How funny! I’ve been enjoying your old posts so much that I hadn’t really noticed that you weren’t updating with anything new. I love your other stuff as well, and had a hard time deciding which blog to list. Glad you linked to MyEC page in your comment–that’s a great place, too! I don’t know how you produce as much as you do, and keep it all so good!

      I do hope you will start your writing blog again–I really have enjoyed following along!

      • Tara Benwell says:

        Oh, I’m glad you didn’t notice the dates. :) My agent keeps telling me that publishing a novel is a tough waiting game. When I was in the thick of submissions and revisions I was more inspired to share the process. Am hoping to find an editor soon, which will inspire a whole new set of posts I hope!

        Thanks again for the mention and I’ll let you know when I get my response posted. Is there an easy way to find a list of blogs that have been mentioned in this thread already?

  3. Melania says:

    Dear Barb,
    thank you for tagging me, I’m really grateful for your visiting my blog and so glad you like it…
    I made my own list for the “It’s worth…” campaign and, just like you, included links to more than ten blogs in my post.
    A million ‘Thank you’s’!


  4. Great selection of blogs, Barbara – thanks very much. I’ve got a lot of new reading here (which is why I too really love this initiative!).


    ~ Jason

    • Barbara says:

      I’ve really enjoyed it, too. I’ve discovered a lot of great new (to me!) blogs on other people’s lists!

      I also really like your idea of continuing the initiative by regularly spotlighting new blogs worth investigating. I’m not nearly as organized as you in my blogging, but I hope to try something similar. It’s a wonderful idea–like saying that we can celebrate holidays all year ’round rather than on a specific date :-)

  5. What a great list of bloggers you’ve got there, I’ve just had some time to explore it properly. I like the fact that you chose to include some ‘new’ bloggers (like me!). Well, here is my list of 10 blogs- I hope it proves useful to anyone interested in reading it. I opted for some blogs that have been really close to my heart, especially since last year.

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