Teaching High School in Croatia (by Arjana Blazic)

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  1. Barbara Barbara says:

    Your high school sounds like a wonderful place for students. I wish I could drop in for a visit. Thanks for including the animoto, so that we can all get a little peek at the extra-curricular activities you mention.

    I love your wiki, too, and love to introduce teachers to it in workshops.

    And, you made my day by mentioning that your boys had used (and liked!) Let’s Go. What a wonderful surprise!

    Thank you for sharing your story, Arjana!

  2. Hi Arjana

    I really enjoyed reading your inspirational blog post. I love your enthusiasm for embracing new technologies. This is highlighted via your students’ incredible projects. The Animoto video is great! Looking through the award-winning wiki again, I was reminded that your quote above “To teach is to touch a life forever”, is indeed so true. Teaching is a gift we can impart, and that is what makes it all worthwhile.

  3. Hi Arjana,
    Sounds you work at a great school. That’s wonderful!
    That’s a great post spreading a lot of enthusiasm. Thanks for sharing and thanks for your enthusiasm.
    You are one of the people in my PLN that I get inspiration. I admire your wiki, I love the ning you created with your students.
    You are right, I’ve been using tech in my classes or in my teaching since internet entered my life but the effect of twitter and blogging can not be compared with anything. To be able to know educators like you help all of us widen our views and I agree with you a thousand times teaching is great because ‘to teach is to touch a life forever’. So meaningful and so insirational…

  4. Vicky Loras says:

    Hi Arjana!
    What an enthusiastic and beautiful post!
    Congratulations first of all to all the students and teachers at your school. Great work!
    I agree with you that building a PLN is one of the best things that happened to me too this year. Every day I look forward to learning something new, reading an interesting blogpost, implementing a new idea in class….I feel like I am in university again (which I dearly loved as I learned so many things about teaching).
    Congratulations again Arjana!
    Kindest regards,

  5. arjana says:

    Hello Barbara, Janet, Eva and Vicky,
    thank you so much for your nice comments!
    It’s wonderful to be part of this amazing twitter community and I can’t tell you how glad I am to have met you!
    Thanks again.
    All the best

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