An invitation to participate in academic publication (by Theron Muller)

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  1. Barbara Barbara says:

    Thanks for this great advice, Theron!

    The only thing I can imagine adding is that teachers can also get a start by offering to translate articles. Teachers Learning with Children (The JALT Teaching Children SIG newsletter) publishes all of its articles in both English and Japanese. I imagine that other regional publications are similar, so are probably also desperate for translators. For teachers who might like to be involved, but don’t feel confident to write original articles in English, this can be a great way to start!

    I hope that the discussion here brings new co-authors together, and brings in a lot of fresh talent for publications around the world 🙂

    • TheronMuller TheronMuller says:

      Thanks for the compliment. It was a pleasure writing the post, and I’m looking forward to the discussion it sparks.

      Your suggestion regarding translation is a good one. As an embarrassingly monolingual writer, I often forget about translation as an option open to many people throughout the world.

  2. Great post! I’ve been mostly working for myself doing one-on-one language instruction since I graduated from my MATESOL program, and I’ve been wondering how I would ever be able to get published. I’d love to collaborate with someone in the San Francisco Bay Area on some kind of research someday soon, but right now I’m in the middle of a more traditional job hunt and couldn’t necessarily commit to anything. I hadn’t thought about trying to get involved at the publication level, though.


    • TheronMuller TheronMuller says:

      Thanks for the comment, Clarissa. I would recommend you consider volunteering for a journal if you know of an appropriate one looking for people; it’s a good way to differentiate your resume from the resumes of less active teachers. Good luck with your job hunt!

  3. adam says:

    A really nice post; I hope this will motivate a few to start writing.

    • TheronMuller TheronMuller says:

      Adam, thanks for the compliment; I’m really glad you found my contribution useful.

  4. Sputnik says:

    That is extremely useful advice – cheers!

  5. Martin Meadows says:


    As current editor of the JALT TC-SIG newsletter Teachers Learning with Children, I’d like to thank you for mentioning us as a publication that is engaged in broadening the dialogue among language educators in Japan. I’d also like to invite readers to consider contributing to our newsletter, especially as the teaching of English to young children is becoming increasingly important in light of the government’s plans to introduce English/Foreign Language Activities nationwide from grade 5 next year. We would like to hear from educators, both Japanese and foreign, who are on the front lines of this initiative.

    Interested parties can contact me at, or via the link to our website in your post above.

    • TheronMuller TheronMuller says:

      Thanks for sounding in. I really appreciate it. It was no trouble at all mentioning Teachers Learning with Children–I know how hard you’re working to keep teachers of children in Japan informed during these times of change in educational policy here. Keep up the good work!

  6. TheronMuller TheronMuller says:

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