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2009 Edublogs Nominations

There’s a useful word in Japanese: giri-giri. The closest English translation is probably cutting it close or by skin of your teeth, as in “I”m submitting my nominations for the Edublogs Awards giri-giri!”

What I was most amazed at when I started to try and limit my choices to one or two per category was just how many amazing people I’ve met in the last year, and how much I’ve learned from them. Thank you all!

Here are my nominations for this year’s Edublog Awards:

Individual blog:

Kalinago English (Karenne Sylvester)

That’SLife (Gavin Dudeney)

Individual tweeter:

Milton Ramirez

Shelly Terrell

Group blog:

Teacher Talk Team Blog (on AzarGrammar.com)

New blog:

Ken Wilson’s Blog (Ken Wilson)

Marisa Constantinides–TEFL Matters (Marisa Constantinides)

Student Blog:

Students’ Page (Christina Markoulaki)

The Island Weekly (Anne Hodgson)

Resource Sharing blog:

Life Feast (Ana Maria Menezes)

Nik’s Learning Technology Blog (Nik Peachey)

Influential blogpost:

Spread Your Knowledge (Burcu Akyol)

She-in-ELT (Karenne Sylvester)

Influential tweet/series of tweets/tweet-based discussions:


Best Teacher blog:

Teacher Reboot Camp (Shelly Terrell)

Teaching in Second Life (Nergiz Kern)

Best Librarian/Library blog:

Alliance Virtual Library (Alliance Virtual)

Educational Technology blog:

Blogging About the Web 2.0 Connected Classroom (Steven W. Anderson)

Ozge Karaoglu’s Blog (Ozge Karaoglu)

Best e-learning/Corporate Education Blog:

ESOL Courses (Sue Lyons)

Gapfillers (Berni Wall)

Educational Use of Audio:

Breaking News English (Sean Banville)

The Lives of  Teachers (Interviews) (Darren Elliott)

Educational use of Video:

TEFL CLips (Jamie Keddie)

Teacher Training Videos (Russell Stannard)

Educational Wiki:

ozgekaraoglu (Ozge Karaoglu)

Creative Web Tools For and By Kids (Jackie Gerstein)

Educational use of a Social Networking Service:

EFL Clasroom 2.0

Educator’s PLN

Educational Use of a Virtual World:

SLanguages Conference

Lifetime Achievement:

Gavin Dudeney

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